Galacticraft 3 Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2 / 1.11.1 / 1.11 / 1.10

The latest Galacticraft 3 Mod supports the versions 1.11.2 / 1.11.1 / 1.11 / 1.10!
In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Galacticraft 3 Mod.

It is now very easy to explore the space and move to different planets through the solar system using Galacticraft 3 mod. It will allow you to explore any planet at any time and you can also go back to your home whenever you desire. In this way, it lets you choose your planet at any time and gives you a lot of flexibility. You will have to create your own space ship for this purpose and this can be an exciting task for the gamers. As you have to build everything from scratch, it will require some time, but the overall experience will be wonderful and will keep you engaged for long hours in the game.

Various features of Galacticraft mod

  • When you plan to use this mod, you have to remember that nothing comes readymade and you will have to create everything you need to explore the space on your own.
  • Galacticraft will make it very interesting even though it can be time consuming. You can bring all your dreams into this creation and make it a reality.
  • You will also notice that more and more updates are added to this mod on a regular basis and this will make it more interesting for the gamers.
  • Using the mod, you can explore new planets and even land on the moon. It also brings in a host of new mobs and you will get to play with new blocks.

The above image shows the Galacticraft space station as developed by the user. You can notice that the spaceship is ready to be launched into the space. Along with that, the vast area is set in the outskirts away from the busy region. The building adjacent will have all the required computers to control the spaceship. You can also see the solar panels powering the buildings and this shows the eco friendly approach of the user. The entire is built in a strategic manner with vast open space and also some trees. You can customize the entire region as per your imagination and this will be great fun for the gamers.

This is an image of the outer space after the spaceship has crossed the earth’s atmosphere. You can notice that the entire region is very dark and there are hundreds of stars around the space. You can also see the glimpse of the earth below the satellite. The satellite itself is built in a very nice manner with lots of details going into the various blocks giving it a realistic look.

This is the beautiful image of the space ship just after it is being launched from the space station. You can still see the flames coming out of the space ship while it is moving at high speed. You can notice the space station below and also lots of green trees in the middle of the ocean. The entire picture looks very realistic and you can customize it in any manner you want to give you a lot of flexibility for creating various blocks.

Download Galacticraft 3 Mod

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