Botania Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2 / 1.11.1 / 1.11 / 1.10

The latest Botania Mod supports the versions 1.11.2 / 1.11.1 / 1.11 / 1.10!
In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Botania Mod.

If you are looking for certain magic, color, brightness and attraction to your Minecraft world, then you can use the tech mod Botania to create a unique Minecraft world. The game will be taken to such rare heights that it offers total immersive game play. You will be thrilled to see the kind of features that this mod offers and thereby you will be playing this game non-stop for hours together. You can create some of the most astonishing and attractive farms and tree parks and so on with this unique tech mod. This is a magic mod that allows you to new flowers that you can use for decorating and crafting.

What’s on offer from Botania?

As the title of this mod suggests, this mod is designed to offer attractive flora in the world. All the information about the Botania mod is provided in the Lexica Botania, the documentation book of the mod. You will be able to craft any flower and any sapling using this documentation. This mod was created to break free from the use of pipes, wires or other similar things. This mod also does not use any GUIs and is an independent game of its own. The mod is inclined towards greenery and green revolution and therefore will make use of or provide renewable resources to players whenever possible. The Botania mod encourages players to play the game more and does not deal with any rewards. It offers a complete and immersive game play with loads of fun and merriment for the players.

Features of Botania

  • Botania is intent on decorating the Minecraft world with flowers and offers 16 new flowers. These flowers have shiny particles and will be useful for dyeing. The Botania flowers are used for crafting and decorating.
  • It offers a genuine and a live feel than the other tech and magic mods that you have used. It is a time-based and aim based power system and offers you total control of the Mana. The Mana offers a totally new look and feel through this mod.
  • The Lexica Botania is a complete book that offers loads and loads of knowledge about this mod to the players. This will help in creating a totally new floral environment. Pressing the shift+right click button on any of the flower will reveal complete information about the flower and its use in the game.
  • There are plenty of different items and blocks offered in this mod so that you can use them in infinite manners in the game. There are lots of content hidden beneath the item list.
  • The Botania mod is automatable and does not depend on the GUI interaction. It is designed in such a way that everything is automated.
  • The new flowers of this mod offer you with some new powers. You can use the powers to make different weapons, items and tools to improve your Minecraft world to a greater extent.
  • Mystical flowers can be created by you, by crafting an apothecary. Fill it with water, then petals and seeds.
  • Collecting Manas will help you to enchant popular items like diamonds, iron ingots, ender pearls into manasteel ingots, mana diamonds, and manapearls.

The Botania mod is a massive mod and hence you will need to always take a look at the Lexica Botania book in order to get details on how to use the things that are offered in the game. This mod offers fun filled and balanced game play and there is no need for grinding.

Download Botania Mod

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